AbOut SomeOne NameD ...

Hasnila Haryati Jasni. Yes it`s me...! Just call me Has. In the family they called me as Kak Has. You can call me Kak Has if you want to. Why? Because I only know how to be a 'kakak'. No, actually I prefer this name because I feel that people who called me as Kak Has are very close to me.

I was born on 1st November 1987 at Segamat, Johore. I spent almost the whole years of my life at Seri Manjung, Perak. But in the middle of the years, I stayed at La Spezia, Italy for two years. Currently, I am at Ipoh, Perak and for this two years lately.

After my SPM, I studied at Ungku Omar Polytechnic, Ipoh, Perak in course Certificate in Information Technology. And now I`m joining Skali programme called Spike@KPerak at PTTC Building, Jelapang. It`s very hard to explain... but now I`m a SPIKER!

I`m the eldest children in the family. I`ve a brother, two younger sisters and a lovely parents. They are not only my family. They are everything for me. Love you guys...!

Want to know something? I`m crazy with roses and pink. But someone told me that they are not suitable for me. Who cares...really! Besides, I love ice-cream (chocolate + nacciola) and teddy bears too.

+Ve : +Friendly +Decisive +Discipline +Obvious
-Ve : -Clumsy -Spendthrift

Ok...that`s all about me.

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